The joint activity of shipowners in Estonia began in the second half of the last century (XIX) during the rise of national shipping. The Shipowners’ Association operated until the occupation of the Republic of Estonia in 1940, continued 1941-1944, and after the war in Sweden and England until the 1970s.

Present times

The Estonian Shipowners’ Association (ELL) was re-established in 1993. Currently, 11 companies together with the Estonian Maritime Academy and an associated maritime law firm belong to the association. About 10,000 employees remain within the area of influence of the association`s member organizations as employers.

Several companies have subsidiaries in neighboring countries. It is estimated that the financial indicators and the number of employees of Estonian Shipowners` Association member companies make up about 75-80% of the corresponding numbers of the entire Estonian shipping industry.

International presence

Estonian Shipowners` Association is a founding member of the Estonian Employers’ Confederation and has been a member of the European Community Shipowners’ Association (ECSA) since 2004. Association`s members represent the interests of Estonian shipping in various ECSA structures.